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About Us

We wanted to bring uniqueness and creativity to the world of acoustics. Production designer and acoustic consultant mix, we aim to change the idea that acoustics need only be functional. We are always on the look out and coming up with new, exciting ideas and  products.

Creative soundproofing is what we know, do, and love. Every space is different so we are committed to offering you the best acoustics products to get the job done right and make your space look amazing too.

We have a diverse range of products; some are designed and manufactured by ourselves, others sourced locally or abroad if the need arises.

What you will find at Eazisolve is an acoustic solution for every noise problem. We have some exciting and innovative products that you won’t get anywhere else. So get creative! Mix and match a few of our products to make your space as unique as you are! Acoustics don’t have to just be practical, they can look amazing too. The only limit would be your imagination.

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Your space will be a room you’ll never want to leave!